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Veredus Excellence Days

The Veredus Excellence Days are a series of technical meetings held by the best riders in the world.

The aim is to make known skills, methods and philosophies of the greatest champions through real lessons on the saddle, meetings, debates and discussions.

The first of the Excellence Days was held by Harrie Smolders on 24 and 25 July 2023 at Scuderia Royal Horse, Bergamo.

Harrie Smolders

Harrie Smolders is one of the best riders in the world, for over a year in the Top Ten of the FEI world computer list.

In 2018 he was number 1 in the ranking list for nine months, he took part in seven World Cup finals, three European Championships, two World Championships and two Olympics.

The riders of the event

The binomials were divided into three groups:

- the first with young horses (Nicole Cereseto with American Pie, Giulia Arioldi with Mc Fly, Martina Berto with Asagi and Francesca Algarotti with the more experienced Quaite);

- the second with more experienced riders and horses, some already performing in 150m races (Clara Pezzoli with Dukas, Andrea Pino with Hè Men, Giovanni Fanti with Amore, Gianluca Recchia with Vivant II);

- the third group very similar to the second in terms of quality and experience of the pairs (Giulia Martinengo and Everglow, Gianluca Recchia and Iron Boy Z, Daniele Cuva and Cap Horn, Micol Boni and Mokka).