10. Dec. 2020.

ABSOLUTE, from the experience of Isabell Werth and Veredus

The countless medals of Isabell Werth crown her as the undisputed queen of dressage, difficult to reach.

It was 1989 when Isabell Werth took part in her first European Championship on Weingart, winning a team gold and finishing in 13th individual place. Since then she has participated in over 30 international championships, including the Olympics, winning 39 gold medals! In the same year, 1989, Veredus was founded.

It is thanks to over 30 years of experience at the highest levels of dressage and horse protection that Veredus and Isabell Werth have created Absolute, the new protection for dressage horses.

We all know how much dressage riders care for their horses and how much important is to protect their legs against accidental hurts and traumas. It is also important to look for a good support for ligaments and articulations during the exercises of training.

That's the reason why many riders and grooms find their own solutions to the problem. And that's the reason why Isabell Werth and Veredus decided to study together the best protection ever created for dressage horses. A protection that should be comfortable for the horse offering support to the ligaments, an anatomic shell that could protect tendons and bones without being stiff and allowing the maximum freedom of the movements. On top, the boot has to fit well on the leg of the horse without rotating or moving during training.

The study of the shape and the selection of high quality materials has determined the new standard of dressage boots for those riders who seek only for the best for their horses.

After one year and hundreds of tests Isabell Werth and Veredus approved the new Absolute boot: "In my opinion the best dressage boot ever", declares a satisfied Isabell Werth.

Veredus produces Absolute with two different fasteners: "Easy Strap" and "Elastic" for a perfect fitting and a quick and safe removal. The choice between the two solutions is obviously up to the personal preferences of every single rider and groom.

Absolute is also available in two colors, white or black, sizes M and L, and for front and hind legs.

You can find the boots in your favorite shop or online here


✓ Anatomic shell designed to allow maximum freedom of movement

✓ Innovative shape and materials to ensure the best support for tendons and ligaments during exercise

✓ External shell in Polyflex (elastic polyurethane) for the most effective protection against accidental impacts

✓ Internal lining in Neoprene and Lycra for excellent comfort in all conditions

✓ "Easy Strap" or "Elastic" fasteners, to keep the boot always in the correct position and allow quick and safe removal


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