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Wellness and health

The well-being and health of the horse are greatly influenced by the attention he is being given. The horse is an intelligent, sociable, sensitive animal, but also very delicate, and needs a lot of care and constant attention. Dust and dirt are constantly lurking, especially for sport horses, continuously exposed to contact with the ground and mud. Insect bites, scratches, sweat encrustations in the saddle and girth area, as well as annoying, if neglected can also be harmful to the horse due to the proliferation of bacteria and, therefore, can cause infections and irritation.


Taking care of the horse, therefore, not only has an aesthetic value, but also has a preventive function: cleaning the animal means constantly inspecting it and this allows you to promptly identify any internal or external injuries or diseases. But not only : taking care of the horse helps strengthen the bond between the rider and the horse and makes the relationship more intimate.

Tools, accessories and products

If brushes, combs, curries, sponges and foot cleaners are the inevitable tools in a stable, there are many products for hygiene, cleaning and care that must be present in the "equine beauty" grooming case. For years, Veredus has been offering natural and innovative solutions for horse care, grooming but also for leather care, so that the leather remains supple and protected over time.

It is recommended that you dedicate time to clean your horse both before riding it and after work, before going back to the stable.

Just as the cleaning of the coat, mane and tail require several phases and the use of different products (from shampoo, lotion to spray), the hooves also need particular attention that can be guaranteed with regular application of ointments, who are useful to keep the foot robust and healthy and to prevent any pathologies.

Feeding and recovery

We must not forget that the well-being of the horse also depends on what he eats and on adequate rest.

To avoid the accumulation of free radicals, for example, it is important to feed the horse with first choice hay and concentrates.

To promote recovery and make the horse's rest beneficial, Veredus has developed the Magnetik line which includes a series of products with a magnetotherapeutic action capable of accelerating recovery and healing. The the StableBoot line is designed to promote cool-off phase. These devices are also very useful and appreciated before competitions or training, since by stimulating the microcirculation they help the horse relax and help him being ready for the upcoming effort.


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