12. Mar. 2020.


Unfortunately this year the Rolex Grand Slam will not be held in Den Bosh due to the restrictions adopted to fight the spread of the Coronavirus. 

The news came while many horses were already traveling in the direction of the dutch town. But let's read its history and that of his champions. The Dutch Master, held every year at the Indoor Brabant ('s-Hertogenbosh, the Netherlands), joined the 2018 Rolex Grand Slam, the most prestigious and richest show jumping circuit in the world.

Together with Geneva it is one of two events that take place indoors. The other two are Calgary and Aachen.

Since the first horse show organized in 1966 in the Brabanthallen the level of events has risen higher and higher. In 1979 Indoor Brabant started hosting the Show Jumping World Cup, since 1986 also the Dressage World Cup. Since then, as many as 11 finals of the Dressage World Cup have been held there, in 2012 also the Show Jumping final.

The World Cup was held until 2013. The Grand Prix was named after Rolex the following year.

In 2018 The Dutch Master joined the Rolex Grand Slam circuit.

How the ROLEX GRAND SLAM works:

The system of the Rolex Grand Slam is simple: anyone who wins three Grand Prix in a row receives the bonus of 1 million euros in addition to the prize money of each show. If the same rider wins a fourth Rolex Grand Prix in succession, he will be rewarded with an additional bonus of 1 million euros. In addition, anyone who wins two of the four events receives a € 250,000 bonus. If two Grand Prix are won in succession, the bonus is 500,000 euros. It is only the rider that counts. The bonus can also be obtained with different horses. This system is infinite, it is not limited to one calendar year. It is an endless story.

Now competing for the new ROLEX GRAND SLAM are Kent Farrington, winner at Aachen 2019 and the two Veredus ambassadors Beezie Madden, winner at Calgary 2019 and Martin Fuchs, winner at Geneva 2019!

The level of the competition is so high that legendary names of show jumping are written in the Hall of Fame of the World Cup and the Rolex Grand Prix.

To honor this important circuit and its champions, Veredus has created the Grand Slam Carbon Gel , a line that has become a real cult. Indeed, not less than seven VEREDUS testimonials have won at least one Grand Prix of this important circuit. Who will be the next? We just have to wait.



1979. David Broome – Philco – GBR
1980. Hugo Simon – Gladstone – AUT
1981. Gilles Bertrand de Balanda – Galoubet A – FRA
1982. Rob Ehrens – Oscar Drum – NED
1983. Edgar Henri Cuepper – Cyrano – BEL
1984. Thomas Fuchs – Willow – SUI
1985. Harvey Smith – Sanyo Technology – GBR
1986. Paul Schockemöhle – Deister – GER
1987. Thomas Frühmann – Grandeur – AUT
1988. John Whitaker – Milton – GBR
1989. Ludo Philippaerts – Darco – BEL
1990. John Whitaker – Milton – GBR
1991. Franke Sloothaak – Walzerkönig – GER
1992. Jos Lansink – Libero H – NED
1993. Piet Raijmakers – Rinnetou Z – NED
1994. World Cup Final (Jos Lansink – Libero H – NED)
1995. Franke Sloothaak – Weihaiwej – GER
1996. Hugo Simon – Apricot – AUT
1997. Michael Whitaker – Ashley – GBR
1998. Ludger Beerbaum – Ratina Z – GER
1999. Lars Nieberg – Esprit – GER
2000. Otto Becker – Cento – GER
2002. Ludger Beerbaum – Goldfever – GER
2003. Rodrigo Pessoa – Baloubet du Rouet – BRA
2004. Ludger Beerbaum – Goldfever – GER
2005. Meredith Michaels–Beerbaum – Shutterfly – GER
2006. Meredith Michaels–Beerbaum – Checkmate – GER
2007. Royne Zettermann – Isaac – SWE
2008. Marcus Ehning – Sandro Boy – GER
2009. Daniel Etter – Peu a Peu – SUI
2010. Rolf-Göran Bengtsson – Casall – SWE
2011. Denis Lynch – Abbervail van het Dingeshof – IRL
2012. World Cup Final (Rich Fellers – Flexible – USA)
2013. David Will – Colorit – GER


2014. Kevin Staut – Silvana HDC – FRA
2015. Daniel Deusser – Cornet d’Amour – GER
2016. Marcus Ehning – Cornado NRW – GER
2017. Leopold van Asten – VDL Groep Zidane N.O.P. - NED
2018. Niels Bruynseels – Gancia de Muze – BEL
2019. Henrik von Eckermann - Toveks Mary Lou - SWE


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