30. Apr. 2019.

Veredus KEVLAR® horse boots become a standard line

Veredus KEVLAR® boots: light, ultra resistant, flexible and FEI approved

KEVLAR® Line "Limited Edition" success and the numerous requests from customers persuaded us at Veredus to carry on with the production of the KEVLAR® line; this line will no longer be a limited edition but will be always available on our catalogue from now on. The KEVLAR® boots cover every need: KEVLAR® Gel Vento Front (front tendon boots), KEVLAR® Gel Vento rear (Brushing boots) and Young Jump Vento KEVLAR® (velcro brushing boots for young horses), also available in the “Save the Sheep” version. Our Young Jump comply to the rules for Young Horses classes and our KEVLAR® Gel Vento rear are FEI approved!
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Why Veredus choses KEVLAR®

The word KEVLAR® reminds us of high level sporting performance of various disciplines such as sailing, motorcycling, skiing,… and this material is associated with innovation, lightness and resistance. KEVLAR® was originally invented and patented as a substitute to steel in competition tires; it was soon noticed that this material was offering a mechanical resistance 5 times superior to steel, as well as being incredibly flexible.
All of these properties make KEVLAR® the perfect material to protect sport horses’ legs, especially show jumpers and eventers, but also for leisure horses. Veredus boots have a special anatomic shape the grants optimal protection to tendons and fetlock joints. It’s a must have for every horse!


KEVLAR® is also used in the production of bulletproof vests as its high resistance is utilised to absorb the impact of the bullet; it is also used for various army helmets.

Other sports equipment that includes KEVLAR® :

canoes hull and paddles
top of pool cues
fishing lines, especially on its edge (used for torpedo fish and generally large fish)
Fencing protections
Reinforcements for motorcycling clothing or for extra protection of ankles, tibia and fibula
Hockey bats
Bow’s ropes
For BMX bicycle tires
Frame of Badminton rackets
Anti-puncture bands for mountain bikes
Diving vests with adjustable trims

Technical uses:

Anti-shock smartphones components
High quality HI-FI speakers
Astronauts suits

In cinemas:
Batman’s costume is made of KEVLAR®, both in comics and in movies such as “Batman begins” , “The dark Knight” and “The dark knight rises”

Robocop armour, the cyborg policeman in the homonym movie, is made of an imaginary KEVLAR® and titanium alloy

Credits Photo by Dirk Caremans: Mario Stevens uses KEVLAR® Gel Vento Save the Sheep

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