30. Apr. 2020.


For many hours of the day and night every horse is resting in his stable; we can use this time for additional care.

To ensure best support and to encourage recovery for horses with previous injuries as well as to maintain your athlete health for a peak performance, Veredus has studied Magnetotherapy in depth. This method has drawn more and more attention in the latest years, also in human medicine. There are various publications that confirm its efficacy as a vasodilator, toxin elimination, muscle relaxation and contribution in reducing and swelling.

Magnetotherapy acts by creating a magnetic field activated by magnetizing neodymium plates.

Veredus has created a range of product that use magnetotherapy properties in a simple and practical way, making this complicated process simple to use: in fact every product is extremely simple to apply, anatomic and designed to fit your horse’s body shape, including leg wraps, so also lower leg can benefit from this useful therapy.

Once applied, the MAGNETIK BOOT will diffuse a static magnetic energy, stimulating production of  collagen and elastin and contributing to tissue regeneration, allowing your horse to receive a high efficacy treatment in the comfort of his own stable.

For the horse's legs health you can find the following products:

MAGNETIK STABLE BOOTS - with 28 magnets distributed in correspondence of the tendons flexor and fetlock joints
MAGNETIK 4 HOURS - fast action with 40 magnets distributed in correspondence of the tendons flexor, fetlock joints and glomes
MAGNETIK HOCK BOOTS - with 16 magnets distributed in both hock sides
MAGNETIK HOOF BOOTS - with 10 magnets distributed in correspondence of bulbs, pasterns and crown

MAGNETIK PRO WRAP - with 6 magnets in the pastern area

The MAGNETIK LINE is not only a useful tool at home and for legs, but studies shows that applying  MAGNETIC RUG (with 32 magnets distributed in the lumbodorsal, large dorsal and shoulders) during transport to competitions increases muscle suppleness and helps elimination of toxins that appear in horses that get stressed while travelling, as well as helping your horse to arrive at the show relaxed and ready to perform.

Many professional choose to travel their horses in these rugs during their frequent transfers to competitions to guarantee peak performance.

Many others use the MAGNETIK RUG just before training or competing to stimulate blood micro-circulation on the back before riding. A proof of this was Martin Fuchs' The Sinner just before winning last World Cup Grand Prix in London Olympia 2019!



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