15. Jun. 2020.

Insects? No thanks!

Summer brings with it many beautiful things: the desire to ride outdoors, to hack in the countryside, to get our horse out to eat the grass in a nice paddock.

Unfortunately, however, with the summer, also insects arrive, annoying us and our horses.

Flies, midges, mosquitoes and horseflies become an unwanted company to the point of making our passion unlivable and tormenting our friends that become restless, stressed and sometimes even dangerous.

Insects are attracted by heat, humidity and dirt. If for the heat we can do little or nothing, we can instead manage the other two factors with proper stable management. The cleaned boxes, the manure far from the common areas, the taps closed when not in use and the washing areas without stagnation of water are some of the most easily practicable precautions to keep insects away.

A careful stable also thinks of proactive actions to keep insects away planting trees, bushes and flowers that decorate the green spaces: lavender and rosemary and in general all the highly fragrant plants as well as the lemongrass are very useful, but also flowers like geraniums are very useful.

All these are all plants from which essential oils are also extracted and are used for the production of products to fight insects. In the composition of Veredus' BIO REPEL line are the essential oils of lemongrass, geranium and cinnamon indeed.

Veredus can boast almost thirty years of experience in the fight against insects thanks to which it has developed a line able to satisfy all our needs and that of our horses to keep the annoying little creatures away.

The Veredus line includes Spray, Shampoo and Gel that we can use daily in the care and management of the stable.

BIO REPEL, based on Citronella and Geranium, is available both as SPRAY and in GEL. It can be easily applied even in the most critical areas of the body, usually between the ears, on the mane and back, on the junction of the tail and on the limbs. The spray is very convenient and quick, but some horses do not like or even fear nebulization. In these cases the gel is more suitable and allows an even more targeted application especially on the head.

Furthermore, with the horse at work in the summer, washing is very frequent, useful not only to remove sweat and dirt, but also to lower body temperature or to stimulate blood circulation after work.

An additional way to give relief from the attack of insects is therefore to use the BIO REPEL SHAMPOO during the shower and guarantee hours of protection even when the horse, after work, returns to the box or to the paddock. The protective shield can also be increased by adding a further application of BIO REPEL spray or gel after washing.

Some particularly annoying insects find the ideal environment on the tail and mane where, together with dandruff, they are capable of causing considerable irritation. So it happens that some horses seek relief by scratching their tail and mane on the walls of the box, on the fences or on the trees. The result is sometimes dramatic, with severe bruises and even the total hair loss. For these cases Veredus has developed SANIX, which favors the hygienic and biological normalization of the skin under the tail and the mane, thus alleviating the hassles.

Photo: "Since two years the horses in Michel Robert's stable are protected by Veredus Bio Care Line"


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