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Groom your horse easily and rapidly with Super Sheen


Super Sheen by Veredus can help simplify grooming, by making the tail and mane silky and knot-free,  as well as the coat softer and shinier.
On the tail
Spray Super Sheen abundantly from a distance of about 30 centimeters on the tail. Use your fingers to distribute it well on all the hairs then let it act for a few minutes.
Use the fingers or a brush to clean the tail
On the mane
Being careful not to direct it towards the horse's head, spray Super Sheen on the mane, then proceed with a brush to distribute it well and let it act. Then continue the usual grooming operations.
On the body
On the coat avoid the saddle and girth area and spray it evenly on the rest of the body.
For horses that fidget with sprays it is best to spray Super Sheen on a cloth or brush and then proceed as usual.
Thanks to its exclusive formula, Super Sheen creates a protective film on the hair and removes dust and dirt from the horse's coat for 15 days.
Used daily it facilitates all grooming operations and significantly saves time.