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The prestigious indoor circuit, founded by Max E. Amman in 1978, comprises 14 leagues on all continents and is developed through 132 qualifying competitions. The best 45 riders thus have access to the final, which is normally held in April in different cities.
Normally 20 European riders, 15 from the United States, 5 from Canada and 5 from other parts of the world have access to the final.
From 1978 to date, 42 finals have been played, without interruptions except for the one that lasted two years due to the restrictions imposed by the Coronavirus (2020 and 2021).
The first final, held in 1979 in Gothenburg, was won by the Austrian Hugo Simon riding Gladstone. Simon was also the first rider to win three finals, the other two riding E.T. (1996 and 1997).
Veredus, founded in 1989, developed its first protections in 1995. Since then, the international successes achieved by its products have been endless.
In particular, in the World Cup finals there are 13 successes obtained by riders who use the protections of the Venetian company. Among them there are also particular records.
Rodrigo Pessoa won the 1998, 1999 and 2000 editions, signing a memorable hat-trick together with Baloubet du Rouet. The Selle Française stallion also gave his name to an important line of protections.
Only two other riders managed to win the World Cup final three times: Marcus Ehning (with Anka in 2003, Sandro Boy in 2006 and Nolte's Kuchengirl and Plot Blue in 2010) and Steve Guerdat (2015 riding Paille, 2016 with Corbinian and 2019 on Alamo). Since 2005 Marcus Ehning has put his signature on the Carbon Gel line, including the latest Carbon Gel Absolute.
The American Beezie Madden won two finals: the first in Gothenburg in 2013 riding Simon, the second in Paris in 2018 with Breitling LS.
The Swiss Beat Mändli signed the 2007 final in Las Vegas.
The last final (2022) took place in Leipzig in Germany and saw the victory of the Veredus rider Martin Fuchs riding Chopin and The Sinner. Behind him another Veredus testimonial, Harrie Smolders with Monaco. On the third step of the podium still the Veredus boots worn by Markan Cosmopolit of Jens Fredricson.
This hat-trick of Veredus protections on the podium in Leipzig repeats that of 2019 (Guerdat, Fuchs, Fredricson) and confirms once more the excellence of the members of the Veredus Riders Team and their favorite protections.