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Veredus and Team Philippaerts: The best with the best


Veredus, the market leader of horse boots, and the Philippaerts family are entering into a long-term partnership.  The relationship began in 2018 with Nicola, who was followed in 2019 by Thibault and Anthony.  Meanwhile, Veredus is also working with Olivier and father Ludo Philippaerts, allowing every member of the Philippaerts family to be equipped with high-quality horse boots and Veredus protections and caring products for their horses. The Italian manufacturer travelled to Oudsbergen today to explain the partnership.
Veredus is an authority in the field of  horse boots. The  collaboration with the greatest riders and leading experts in the sector ensures total reliability. Currently,  the Veredus Riders Team counts eight riders in the top ten, including world champion Henrik von Eckermann and Olympic champion Ben Maher. 
Recently they also started a collaboration with Ludo Philippaerts and his four sons. Apart from results and rankings, the respect for the horse, the team spirit and the love for the sport is important. "The Philippaerts family uses the motto 'We Live Horses' for years now," says Alessandro Pellegrini, team manager of Veredus. "That lifestyle perfectly embodies Veredus' philosophy. We are therefore proud to associate it with our 'Riding to Excellence', to strive together towards new goals. We have been working with Nicola Philippaerts since 2018. One year later, Thibault and Anthony stepped in. In 2022 Veredus and the Philippaerts Team decided to sign a global agreement, so today the whole Philippaerts team uses Veredus protections for all their horses. “When Veredus decides on a collaboration, there are many elements that are taken into consideration, not only the sporting results or the position in the ranking.
Team spirit is one of the elements that Veredus appreciates most. For this reason, the Veredus Riders Team and the Veredus Groom Team have been created over the years.”, continues Alessandro. 
One of the best examples of teamwork is the Philippaerts Team, with Ludo, his children and the many collaborators who contribute every day to the success of the team. With the presence of Ludo as an icon of show jumping, the exceptional qualities of Nicola and Olivier and those of youngsters Thibault and Anthony, this whole adventure becomes even more fascinating."
Nicola Philippaerts was the first of the family to enter into a partnership with Veredus.
"I contacted them myself," recalls Nicola Philippaerts. "When I told them about 'We Live Horses' they were immediately won over to start a partnership. They now work together with dad and my brothers. Our horses jump at a high level and have to jump over the most difficult, highest obstacles. Then, of course, they have to be equipped with the best horse boots. Veredus delivers top quality in this aspect. They work with high-quality material which gives our horses the best protection."
The cooperation between the Philippaerts family and Veredus does not come about by chance. Apart from their shared passion and love for horses, there are some other notable common grounds. "Our CEO Paolo Menegon, like Ludo Philippaerts, was born in 1963," says Alessandro Pellegrini. "In 1989, Veredus was founded. In that same year the Darco-mania struck and Ludo won a World Cup competition. The career Ludo Philippaerts then built is fabulous. That all four of his sons followed in his footsteps is remarkable. Olivier and Nicola belong to the absolute world top while Thibault and Anthony are making their way to the top. When Ludo got back in the saddle, it was clear: we had to team up with him too. That will ensure that in 2022 the circle is complete and that all the Philippaerts' horses are equipped with Veredus horse boots."
Ludo Philippaerts is proud of the collaboration. "When you hear those connections and think about it, it was inevitable that we’d work together sooner or later. Let me immediately add another common ground: the well-being of the horse. That is the most important thing in sport. The horse boots we use for our horses are made horse-friendly. We therefore want our horses to be equipped with the best protection material. For that, we are in the right place with Veredus. Their material is top notch. It's the best of the best!"
Veredus was founded in 1989 in the north-east of Italy. In the beginning, they specialised in the production of hoof ointments, curative clays and a series of other products for the hygiene and cosmetics of horses. The region where Veredus was located was known for sports shoes, mountain boots, hiking and ski boots. Collaboration with experts from those sectors led to the development of horse boots lines in 1995.
Today, Veredus has three main categories:
-    Jumping and Dressage Line: protections for equestrian sports -      Magnetik Line: an exclusive line of products for magnetotherapy - Biocare Line: natural products for horse care.