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Winter Hoof: the extra-soft winter ointment!


We all know how important it is to take care of our horse's hooves on a daily basis.
A good habit is to clean the sole every time the horse leaves the stable and after work.
The coronet, hoofwall, sole and bulbs should also be greased regularly to prevent cracking and to keep them elastic and healthy. A too dry and hard hoof can not only crack but also lose all its cushioning capacity and can become the cause of injuries to joints and ligaments.
Veredus has developed a complete line of ointments for horses' hooves that guarantee the best treatment for this very important part.
During the winter months and in cold periods it can happen that normal ointments harden making it difficult to use and apply. To overcome this problem, Veredus has created Winter Hoof, a special winter ointment for hooves created to be used even in the coldest periods of the year without difficulty. Its special formula prevents it from hardening excessively as temperatures drop.
Winter Hoof has an exclusive composition which includes:
VITAMIN F: the nourishing action of this vitamin accelerates the hoof renewal process.
THYME OIL: thanks to its sanitizing effect, it guarantees a protective shield against the settling of pollutants in the frog.
LANOLIN: it is an extract of wool fat with a very high softening power.